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    Vertical Machining Centers

    Vertical Machining Centers

Vertical Machining Centers of Milling and Turning


The structure of FLEXTURN is directly designed over 90 years experience of Pietro Carnaghi in vertical machining centres. Enriched with the most advanced milling feature available.Considering the huge experience of  Pietro Carnaghi has with big structures, Flexturn keeps the concept of of anchoring on jack levelers, ensuring the maximum stability. The over dimension of the structure and the perfect stability of the portal gives to our Customers the max rigidity and over performing results in terms of:

  • Stability (STRUCTURES)
  • Dynamicity (40 mt/min)
  • Precision (upto mm 0,007)
  • High rigidity, perfect thermo symmetry and high damping capability, using the last temp-controlled systems.
  •  All the machines are made with cellular construction and evaluated using FEM and Structural optimization software   (Siemens NX CAE).
  • Rapid Advancements axes X / Y / Z from 40m/min, thanks to the   improvement in hydrostatic done in years of continuous development by Pietro Carnaghi.
  • Advanced hydrostatic bearings offer the maximum acceleration to zero friction.
  • Rigid Rotating platform Pietro Carnaghi at speeds up to 800 r / min.
  • Direct Drive Solution for the table of the milling spindle (2DD)

The design of FLEXTURN combines the typical characteristics of a Pietro Carnaghi vertical lathe: Rigidity and Precision + Top Level Milling features, having the capability to enter deep inside the work-piece vertically, during both milling and turning operations. While retaining all the characteristics of Pietro Carnaghi vertical lathes, Flexturn is created to meet the modern requirements of: Compactness (compared to standard machining centers), Easy shipment, Small footprint on ground, Modularity, Configuration flexibility, High capacity of evacuation of chips, water and mist, Maintenance will be easier thanks to a high ergonomic design. The machine can be installed at the floor level, reducing foundation cost.

FLEXTURN is available in 2 variants:

  • Fixed cross-rail
  • Moving cross-rail (W axis)

Technical Features:

Turning Platform mm 1600 / 1800 / 2000 1600 / 1800 / 2000
Turning / Swing mm 2500 2500
Milling Square mm 2100 X 2100 2100 X 2100
Max. Weight  - no APC (APC) kgf 10 (8) 10 (8)
Turning Power kw 60 60
Turning Speed rpm 400 / 350 / 300 400 / 350 / 300
Turning Torque Nm 20.000 20.000
Turning Height mm 1100 (1400) 1400 (1700/2000)
OCTAGONE RAM section mm 400 400
Z Axis stroke (RAM) mm 1100 (1400) 1100 (1400)
(Carriage) Stroke mm 2100 2100
 (Table Saddle) Stroke mm 2100 (+2050/-50) 2100 (+2050/-50)
(Crossrail – continous clamping position) W Axis  mm -- 400 (700/1000)
Milling Power Nm 30 30
Milling Speed rpm 6000 6000
Milling Torque Nm 939 939